After the school day has ended, enrichment activities stop for most children. But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of after-school programs that your kid or kiddos are sure to love. There’s an enriching experience for every child to find at Polite Piggy’s Day Camp, and we’re eager to tell you about some of them in this short blog.

Arts & Crafts

Every child has an inner artist, even if they occasionally claim that they are not creative. At Polite Piggy’s, we use time during after-school programs to give kids the tools and environment necessary to produce their best works of art.

Some of our favorite ways to stimulate your kiddo’s creativity involve painting, drawing, sculpting, and decorating cards. Whether your child brings home a watercolor or a handmade snow globe, you’ll be proud of what they’ve accomplished, and the more they participate in these enrichment activities, the more confident they will become.

Sports & Recreation

We believe in treating the development of every child as a holistic endeavor. Not only do we encourage the cultivation of their creativity, but we aim to strengthen their sporting abilities too. When enrolled in Polite Piggy’s after-school enrichment program, you can expect your child to engage in a number of recreational activities that teach them the joys of movement and exercise.

Sometimes we keep the sports and recreation on site, but often we also travel to fun locations to elevate the group’s energy. If we’re staying at the day camp site, we will play games outside like kickball and soccer. If the weather isn’t great, we simply see that as a great opportunity for an indoor dance class.

Outside of the class environment, we might take a field trip to an indoor swimming pool, a full-sized soccer or baseball field, or even a trampoline park! Our primary goal is to get kids moving and keep them as active as they should be to maintain optimal levels of health. And let’s be honest, there are few things more fun than playing sports with your best buddies!

Reading & Writing

Even though reading and writing are practiced at school, the more children are exposed to these skills, the stronger they will be developed. In fact, studies have shown that kids who engage in extracurricular reading and writing tend to have higher test scores and comprehension levels than their same-aged peers. 

At Polite Piggy’s Day Camp, we have a large library of entertaining, informative, and interesting books for readers of all ages and abilities. We also help kids work on their penmanship, helping them identify and refine their unique writing style. If they’re feeling especially motivated, we might even be able to teach them cursive! 

The possibilities are truly endless when the young mind is opened to the world of writing and reading.

Exploring Different Cultures

We believe that diversity is one of the most important but unfortunately overlooked elements of a comprehensive curriculum. In order to teach children the value of celebrating different cultures and to help them gain a better understanding of their own, we spend time in our after-school programs exploring these themes of diversity.

For example, we might learn how to prepare an authentic Italian or Indian meal — and enjoy eating it, too! — or we may watch an educational film on what it’s like to live in France. For as many cultures as there are around the world, there’s nearly as many enrichment opportunities to be found here at Polite Piggy’s Day Camp.


In this article, we reviewed some of the enriching activities you can expect your child to participate in when they join the after-school program here at Polite Piggy’s. From art to reading to sports and more, we’re a highly dedicated team of childcare professionals whose daily objective is to help your child discover and develop their amazing selves.

For more information on Polite Piggy’s after-school enrichment program, or to learn more about our summertime and camp activities, please visit our website today!