VanNessa Duckett of Polite Piggy’s Day Camp is excited to begin Breakthrough Parenting® classes through The Development Labs. As a certified Breakthrough Parenting coach, she will teach you how to make relationships work; especially with children. You will learn research-based strategies to move your family from struggle to cooperation in 7 classes. 

Some of the things that will be covered:

·       Soooooo, we have kids; now what?

·       All behavior communicates something–but what is it really saying?

·       Teaching responsibility, structures & communication that works!

·       Mapping out a solid foundation for your family.


Option 1: Come together with other parents to learn strategies to move your family from struggle to cooperation. Bring snacks, a beverage (we won’t judge), notebook, pens, highlighters, and an open mind!

Tuesday from 8:00-9:30 pm (11/3-12/15) & Sundays from 10:00-11:30 am (11/1/2020-12/20/2020) *No Class 11/29/2020

$525 per participant (4 person minimum/10 person maximum)

*The last class will be one hour

*No makeup classes

*We will meet virtually using Zoom (login credentials will be sent after registration is completed)

*Cost includes 10 hours of class time over 7 weeks, class materials (will be mailed to your home), and engaging, fun & real talks with other parents. You will get all of that while learning research-proven strategies to move your family to a more cooperative and harmonious space!


Option 2: If interested in private sessions for group/individual coaching, please contact us at


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