Dearest Families,

At Polite Piggy’s, we greatly value authentic connection and heartfelt deeds. In times full of uncertainty and pain, we stand together in acknowledging the need for equality, justice and connection to the Black community. Through the tragic loss of George Floyd, Tony McDade and those lost before them, we have been presented with an opportunity to do more than has ever been done. Polite Piggy’s has tightly tethered our actions to our core values in-an-effort to
support the equal treatment of Black people.

This week, we made donations to the two organizations below and will continue monthly donations because we are creating a long-term relationship with change: the conscious kid The Conscious Kid is an education, research and policy organization dedicated to reducing bias and promoting positive identity development in youth. We partner with organizations, children’s museums, schools, and families across the country to promote access to children’s books centering under represented and oppressed groups.

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The primary purpose of Raising Race Conscious Children is to support parents and teachers who are trying to talk about race and diversity with young
children. The goal of these conversations is to prepare young people to work toward racial justice.

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As a business, we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, racism, hatred and inequality toward anyone. If a member of our team could be of support to
your child at this time, please reach out. The weekly read aloud emails will continue through the summer because consistency is so powerful, especially now. We will purposefully include books that teach about race, equality and justice throughout the summer.

Resource List: #7 is a webinar on 6/5/2020 at 5:30 pm



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